Stages of Liquidity

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Stage 1

Incentivized Liquidity via Emissions

A DAO is in Stage 1 if it has incentivized liquidity, generally via emissions to an ABC/ETH or ABC/USDC Sushi/Uni LP pool (Pool 2)

Stage 2

Tokemak Reactor Established

A DAO is in Stage 2 once it has established a Tokemak reactor, enabling tAsset generalized liquidity (as a reminder, depositing assets into a Token Reactor gives the user a tAsset; users deposit ABC and receive tABC)

Stage 3

tAsset Staking Pool Established

A DAO is in Stage 3 once it sets up a tAsset staking pool for community provided liquidity (Pool t1)

Stage 4

Use Bonds to Acquire Its Liquidity as tAssets

A DAO is in Stage 4 if it uses Olympus Pro bonds as a service to purchase its liquidity as tAssets (Olympus Pro + Tokemak)

Stage 5

Provides Treasury Assets into Tokemak

A DAO is in Stage 5 if it provides the assets in its treasury as an LP into Tokemak (and instead holds the tAssets in its treasury)

Stage 6

Vesting Contract Interacts Directly with Tokemak

A DAO is in Stage 6 once it modifies its vesting contract to interact with Tokemak and provides the escrowed assets as liquidity into Tokemak, instead holding tAssets in their vesting contracts